later Bettendorf

Sr. Mary Anne Schuman, O.C.D.

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Silver Jubilee

Silver Jubilee - January 3, 1969   Sr. Anita and Sr. Mary Anne...

Sisters Emmanuel, Carol, Mary Anne, Therese, Catherine, Mother Gabriel, Miriam ...Sisters Mary, Therese, Carol, Anita, Catherine, Miriam, Mother Gabriel

Feb. 2, 1969   Singing: Spouse of Christ - picture taken by John Howard Griffin  (Sisters Veronica, Miriam and Teresa are not on this picture)

Back: M. Emmanuel, M. Gabriel, Sr. Catherine, Sr. Carol, Sr. Therese

Front: Sr. Mary Anne, Sr. Virginette, Sr. Anita

May 25, 1973

Back: M. Gabriel, Srs. Anita, Rozanne, Visitor, Miriam

Front: Srs. Therese, Virginette, Mary Anne


1973 - Sisters Miriam Meade, Catherine Luth, Mary Anne Schuman, Rozanne Heller, Anita Schuman, Margaret Ribley

L-R Sisters Miriam Meade, Catherine Luth, Mary Anne Schuman

Rozanne Heller, Anita Schuman, Margeret Ribley

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