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(This selection includes some of the oldest pictures that we have to display. Some of the pictures included may be of poor quality and take a long time to load especially with dial up connections.)


I. Mother Clare,  Foundress  >>>

II. Mother Aloysius, Co-foundress  >>>

     (pictures and story)

III. Sr. Anna Feeney, (pictures and story) >>>

IV. Davenport  >>>

V. Sr. Therese McDonald,  >>>

    (author of Carmel On The Mississippi and translator of The Gift Of Oneself)

VI. Early Bettendorf Community 1921-1942  >>>

VII. Daughter Carmels >>>     ~     Indianapolis photos 1939 >>>

Sr. Mary Anne's Family and Community - This section includes some of the pictures of the community that were taken during the time that Sr. Mary Anne was in Carmel.

VIII. The Schuman Family  >>>

IX. Later Bettendorf Community ( years after Sr. Mary Anne) entered Carmel  >>>

X. Forever With God  >>>


Sr. Mary Jo Loebig, O.C.D.


Time line - foundations

Nov. 24, 1911 - Opening Day in Davenport

Queen Anne Cottage, at Fifteenth and Brady Streets

June 29, 1916 - The Nuns moved to Bettendorf

November 24, 1922 - A foundation was sent out to New Albany, Indiana, (later transferred to Indianapolis on September 27, 1932) From Indianapolis in 1947 a foundation was made to Terre Haute Indiana in 1947, and a second foundation was made to Reno Navada in 1954.

May 1923 - The first canonical election was held.

August 18, 1923 - Death of Mother Clare

1932 - First wing of Indianapolis Carmel completed

1939  Mother Aloysius and Sr. Emmanuel of Bettendorf invited to help the community in Indianapolis

November 14, 1940 - Foundation Mass celebrated in Milwaukee Wisconsin (Carmel later was transferred to Pewaukee Wisconsin) ... one foundation was made from Pewaukee to St. Paul in 1952 (later transferred to Lake Elmo Minnesota on December 6, 1953).

April 11, 1949 - Solemn Profession made by Nuns

January 1962 - Foundation made in Sioux City Iowa from Bettendorf

November 24, 1975 - Moved from Bettendorf to Eldridge

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